Adwords Hacking — Help My Google Adword’s Hacked

Adwords Account Hacking — Help My PPC Account’s been Hacked

There are days when you wish there was a panic room at the office. Chances are the day when you realise that a hacker burgled your CPC advertising account is going to be one of these.

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No need to panic.
I am going to show you in this video
what happens when your adwords account is hacked, and
how you can minimise damages and loss.
Your hacker is an educated fool with your money on his mind,
so he want to burn through as much in as little a time as possible.

He sets a several thousand dollar, pound euro daily budget
Puts the ads on every network and every device
And focuses on the developed world, particularly the US

He needs to hurry because you may log in any minute, and by then,
he wants to generate as much traffic to his site, as possible.

So, he uploads over 700 keywords
Uses one ad that is automatically generated from regex code
He does not care about quality score or CTR or conversion
The hacker only wants to generate as many impressions as he can
The keywords range from forex to ladies clothes
Here is a nice word cloud with the keywords this hacker used for the adwords account.
He uses very generic keywords and phrases to maximise impressions
Don’t forget, he does not have to optimise
He is burning through your money, so it is not particularly expensive for him
And he knows that Google is going to reimburse you for the damages anyway
Regex rules.
Hackers are not particularly attractive animals, nor are they extremely clever
But they are good at one thing
Putting together a regex ad that hardly has anything static in it.
So, if your PPC account has just been hacked, head for the change history section
So, this is what happened.

He hacked your account during the week, but he did not touch it.
He waited for the weekend, so you are less likely to look into the account

On Saturday, your favourite hacker created a campaign with
one location
one language
and set a relatively low budget.

He even had the guts to go through the display networks settings…
Then he added 50 keywords and
created his magic ad, the one that is created on the fly
Uploaded another 700 keywords
and pumped up the budget to max.
So what can you do

You can’t prevent it.
No long password, no magic firewall can prevent it.
You’d better prepare for it.

Though you get compensated for damages, your account is likely to be suspended by Google for at least three days. Until they figure out what happened.

And nobody compensates you for the business you lost during the time.

So, if your adwords / CPC channel heavily contributes to your revenue, you may not want to report and hack and have your account suspended, cashpipe shut for a few days.
Here is what to do to prevent these fraudsters from spending a lot of money so you are left with no option but to report them.

Google adwords has automated rules, so…

Set up automated Pause rules to run every couple of hours daily
Decide what is the upper limit of your spending on a single campaign and
set it as a limit to pause any enabled campaign
Set a condition that the campaign should have at least one impression before it is paused

You don’t want the hacker to realise that there are automated rules running that turn off his PPC campaing in an hour or two.
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