Google Voice Calls – gmail phone number installation help

Google is offering free phone call service via an updated version of Gmail that smartly makes use of Google Voice.

Gmail users can use a feature called “Call Phone” that can bring up a dial pad for phone calls. Look left of the Gmail inbox icon. Call Phone will let you make calls from your Gmail account to any land line or cellphone. Google Voice will provide your Gmail phone number. Your Gmail account will serve as a personal assistant, automatically adding phone numbers to your e-mail addresses, as well as saving call histories.

Google says the domestic phone calls will remain free for at least this year. Let’s hope this becomes a permanent thing.

Cool feature: You can choose to answer a call immediately, skip it or screen it by sending it to voice mail and listening to it. If it’s Mom, you can let her leave the message; if it’s a hot date you can pick up and start talking.